DX Code Of Conduct

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Concerning Operating Standards

The IARU Administrative Council, Konstanz, June 2008,

noting that the Amateur Radio Services are services which rely on self-regulation for effective use of their spectrum allocation, and

further noting that poor operating behavior adversely affects the enjoyment of all radio amateurs and does not enhance the reputation of the Amateur Radio Services,


that all radio amateurs be encouraged to operate to the highest levels of proficiency, with proper consideration for others using the amateur radio bands;

that the necessary effort be made by member-societies to teach newcomers and others correct operating behavior;

and therefore

endorses and recommends the principles set out in the booklet “Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur” by John Devoldere, ON4UN and Marc Demeuleneere, ON4WW, and

encourages each IARU Region to consider this booklet, with a view to adopting it, including any Regional variations that might be felt appropriate.