DX Code Of Conduct

what you can do to improve DXEtiquette

Logos for your use

A great way to show others that you support the DX Code of Conduct is to put our logo on your QSL card. Or can print a large image and put it on your wall. . You can download the image from here and send the image to your printer or refer  him to this page and he can download it.  Ask him to put it on your card in some manner you prefer, perhaps like you see on our QSL page.

This is a lower resolution logo that willl load quickly on a webpage       

You should link to our website so that a visitor can click on the logo to get there.

This logo more suitable if you are on a webpage where you

cannot imbed the link directly on the logo.

Thie image below is higher in resolution for use when image quality is more imporatant.

Thanks for helping spread the word.