DX Code of Conduct

Power Point

Our objective here is to have a slideshow that a supporter can either view himself but ultimately take to a club meeting and show to the other members. 

It seems as if every club has a desktop and a projector these days. You should download it if you are going to run on Power Point.


If you don't have a good audio system at your club, see the "script" posted below. This script can be used to narrate the slideshow. Or you can make up your own script and be creative to suit your audience

You can also "run" the slide show ON THE INTERNET. Turn your speakers on rather than relying on the cheesey computer speaker.

Run or download DXPOWER.PPT here   You can use Power Point to edit the slides, perhaps translating them into the language of your choice.

Run or download DXPOWER.PPS here  

Click OPEN when the box pops up. When the first slide comes up, right click on the screen and click on FULL SCREEN. Then you just have to click on a slide to advance. You should hear the audio narration.

Audio files are embedded in the program. However, we have a problem in that some people cannot hear audio. Try the PPS file first.

If you cannot hear the audio, make sure that your audio is ON and you can hear sounds from other applications. If you still cannot hear, click here to downloan the ZIP file that contains all the audio tracks. Unzip the files and put them in the same folder/directory as the PPT or PPS program. Then run the show.


Download script here

We are also interested in an an honest assessment about whether this program reaches people effectively. If you show it at a club meeting, let us know how well it is received.

Click here to request assistance.