DX Code Of Conduct

what you can do to improve DXEtiquette

How to Show Others You Care About DX Conduct

come in

If you have your own website, you can link to this site. Just save the image onto your hard drive, perhaps in the My Pictures folder. Then, using your webpage editing program, upload the image to your website on a page you select. Then insert a hyperlink back to http://www.dx-code.org 

You certainly have a page at QRZ.COM, an ideal place to put this image. Full instructions for inserting images are here.

Some hams inserted this logo while others have upload the text of the entire Code at their website. It's up to you.  You can adjust the image size but please make it big enough so that it catches peoples' attention so that they will be motivated to click on it and go to our site.

Alternatively, you might like to insert this "moving" file that attracts more attention.

I support the DX Code Of Conduct

For DXPeditions: Most DXpeditions are putting the entire Code or our logo and a link to us on their website. When you link to us, please tell me and I'll add  you to the supporting DXPeditions list. Be sure to include the URL of your website. Send to     Bon Voyage.