DX Code Of Conduct

what you can do to improve DXEtiquette


Thank you so much for all your efforts you guys are great.

You've created a monster--congratulations!

Well done and good luck with the Code of Conduct!

Everything works much better if people follow the DX Code of Conduct! 

Thank you for the service you provide the ham community.

And to this piece I say RIGHT ON, YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! Thank you for saying what many of us hear and think in our own little world.

Let's hope more and more people read these very easy rules and apply them.

I hope that the message gets through to the multitude of modern day hooligans. Maybe they should consult their dictionaries as to the meaning of respect, courtesy and good manners.

You did an excellent job on the makeover of the site.  Thanks!

I would like to hear clean DX pileups .

Good to see it's taking hold

I am sure glad I take ham radio as a hobby and not a knock down and drag out sport.

Keep up the good work!!!  

I've seen the new logo on DXCODE's website...WELL DONE!

Great idea with the DX Code of Conduct


thanks a lot for your passion

The information is very good, well thought out and a pleasure to pass on to other. Many thanks to all involved and we hope we can also make a difference.  

I wish the program every success; we must not give in to bad operators!

A real pleasure to be part of this great community of DX CODE. I hope that our support and that of all , serve to give a little more respect and discipline to our hobby . I hope that our hobby is respected in the interests of all amateur radio community , and foremost, we respect the DXpedition  


[I want to] say a deep felt congratulations for the great work you are doing with the DX-code.

Hope your project catches on, keep up the good work  

Thank you for the hard work to improve the conduct of hams on air, very much appreciated.  

I am keen to promote better operating on the bands. Good work and let’s hope it helps improve the current situation  

Thanks for your effort on Dx Code of Conduct !  

Thank you for publishing both the Code of Conduct and The New DXers Handbook

We support the idea of "spreading the word" related to DX Code of Conduct as any other similar initiatives to help better quality of amateur radio traffic. Thank you for the website and the work behind. 

I heartily support your code and applaud your efforts – Well done  

I sure am glad that you guys put this together. 

I do respect your effort on establishing this code between hams

I'm totally agree with a Code of Conduct.  

Great job gentlemen. Congratulations.


Well done Randy, we need to bring back courtesy again.


I hope all radio amateurs of the world read it and follow it


great idea, hope it works!

Thank you for the opportunity to promote the essence of Amateur Radio.

It's great to see how interested the world has become in improving on the air conduct!

The idea of the new Code of Conduct right , it is very educational and interrest against anyone who does radio in a healthy and civil

Thank you for your work and I will carry the message to all I know. I am a DX'er (the main reason for getting into the hobby in the first place!)

Keep Up The Good Work,

This initiative seems very nice and should be followed by all radio operators

I hope everybody reads this and agrees and follow the rules ... I do

It is important that there are written rules of conduct and procedure as opposed to general guidelines that can be interpreted any number of ways.  The Code of Conduct is a huge first step in the right direction and the more attention it gets the more it will be used to the benefit of all DXers.