DX Code Of Conduct

what you can do to improve DXEtiquette


The DX Code of Conduct

NEW!   "It Takes Two to Tango." by OH2BH

The idea of a Code of COnduct isn't particularly new. Many others, notably ON4WW and ON4UN in their publications, have discussed ethical operator behavior in detail. We strongly urge you to download and read their book Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur. It is the bible of good operating practices. It is now available in 23 languages with more on the way. You can click here to download the book in your language.

An excellent shorter version called Operating Practice by ON4WW is available in 19 languages download here.

For the new operator who wants to try his or her hand at DX, a good start would be with the NEW DXer's Handbook by K7UA. It contains some great tips to get you on the path. When you become more familiar with DX operating, you can move up and learn more from the books mentioned above.

A great primer for one who wants to learn Morse Code or improve his skills is ZEN AND THE ART OF RADIOTELEGRAPHY by Carlo IK0YGJ. The DX Code of Conduct is included on page 64. It includes an astonishing amount of information on Morse Code that will delight any CW operator.

If you are new to DXing or are frustrated, get some valueable tips in How to Work a DXpedition from The DX Magazine.

What is real fun is working a DXpedition QRP while others struggle.  How to Work a DXpedition Operating QRP.

Contesters also are concerned about ethical operating standards. It's all to easy to forget basics while in the heat of battle. Be sure to check out two well-done projects by ZL2IFB. They are the Contester's Code of Conduct and the DX Cluster Code of Conduct.

The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation has also developed a Contester’s Code of Ethics

And of course, we all want the FORCE to be with us!

Additional Publications of interest to DX operators

For a nice copy of the Code suitable for putting on your shack's wall, click here. Thanks to Scott, KK4ECR.
For another irreverent take on DX operating behavior, check out Dawg X-Ray Club
G3SXW offered an interesting analysis of pile-up behavior in The DX Magazine.
For those with a sense of humor, to check a funny version of DX Rules, click here
The first Code was created in1928 by W9EEA. Check out " The Amateur's Code (Creed)."
Another interesting commentary comes from YO4PX in his article To Err is Human.
Also be sure to check out AA0MZ's page SO YOU WANT TO BE A DXer.
Excellent tips for good conduct have been published by ZL2IFB and N4AA at their websites.
"RadCom" is the official magazine of the RSGB. There are some well thought-out comments on the topic "Let’s try and clean up our act in 2011."  Another good article is  "Working DX should be fun - shouldn't it?"
Roger K7NTW has some observations from The DX Magazine in Don’t Cross over to the DARK SIDE