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Success Stories

It was only a month ago when DXpedition websites started linking to the DX Code of Conduct website and telling others that the standards they wished those wanting a QSO to uphold. The first of those DXpeditions are just getting home and unpacking.

It was with a feeling of great joy, therefore, that we receivd these warm notes of appreciation from memberd of those DXpeditions.


PJ6A pic  
I thought I'd give you a little follow-up on my reflections of the PJ6A operation.

I think you're making a difference! I worked about 80% Europeans and about 95% CW. I found the pile-ups to be well mannered and courteous. When I responded to a call sign, it was unusual for another station to call. If I got a partial call and sent, "SP6GD? 5NN," the frequency was quiet except for the SP6 responding.

Of course a few would call once in a while, but these were insignificant and were likely just people out of sync.

So, I can't complain at all about pile-up behavior during my watch; and as I say, it appears you are making a difference.

Thank you! 73,

Ralph - K0IR

I am finding that the DX Code of conduct is really making a difference on the airwaves. I was on 20 this weekend and there

Was a station in Greenland working DX. 98% of the operators were operating in accordance with the Code. There was one station stateside that was like a runaway freight train….just kept calling and calling and would begin throwing his callsign out while QSO’s were underway.  Finally, the station in Greenland announced that he would only work stations that were abiding by the DX Code of conduct! That was fantastic.  By the way, the wild stateside station was never picked up and finally quit calling.   Just wanted to share!!  ’73   Tim Moore   N5YCN


All the team had a satisfying experience in Togo.

This year, in comparision of previous dx-pedition, we noted a good operation skill from all the dxers around the world. Of course, time to time, some caller make QRM but are isolated case and these is normal to heppen.

All the team accordly to make advertising to the Dx Code of Conduct ... we put it in the top of our web page. Frankly speaking we don't know if has been our experience to avoid QRM or is throught the Dx Code that most have done well.

By the way we intend to maintain the Dx Code of Conduct on the first page of our web site because we consider this a good way to ensure that every dx-pedition is a success!

73's - Silvano I2YSB


Very often I work US and JA stations. This two big community are big wall for the rest of the world.
USA is a big wall for west of Europe and it is the same for JA with eastern Europe.

When I can hear EU stations from here, I ask US or JA to QRX and they all do it.
The frequency is quiet and I can work Europe easyly. Tnx to them.

I was trying to QSO in SSB a DX in Africa, I don't remember wich one. Some US station heard me calling in the pilup.  One of them had QSO with the DX and told him that FO8RZ was calling him. At this moment, everybody stopped calling and I could make the QSO with the DX. It was a very nice ham's spirit. Tnx.

Best 73 and congrats for this very. very. very good code of DX.